mila's subtle but sweet ombre.


Okay, so we jumped on the ombre trend.  No, we didn't dye Mila's hair but we did give her vintage dresser an upgrade while she was away at Grandma's.  Mike picked up this amazing dresser at a small thrift store in the neighborhood about a month ago. The people from the store were so incredibly nice one of them actually followed Mike home in his own car (normally scary) to help him carry the dresser up the stairs - free of charge.  Who does things like that nowadays? Anyway, Mike was itching to give it a new paint job but I was worried that he'd start it and I'd go into labor without time to clean everything up.  Now that things have settled down a bit around here (baby boy is 5 weeks old today) we decided to get the project going again.

I was able to convince Mila that a mint green would be a nice alternative to painting it pink and we picked up these paint swatches to consider.  After mulling around for a bit I showed Mike this cute ombre dresser that have been all over pinterest lately and we figured we'd give it a try.  The worst that could happen is that we'd have to paint over it again.  Mike started by sanding the wood down so it would take the paint better and hide any imperfections.  We then painted the body of the dresser white so the green would stand out more and then chose three slightly different shades of green for the drawers.

For the hardware, Mike boiled the old paint off and we used some gold spraypaint we had left in the house to give them an upgrade (you may not be able to tell due to all of the graffiti but you can't actually buy spray paint in Chicago). Mike then put on a protective wax coating that should keep the paint from scratching.

Done! It might not be something I'd put in my own bedroom but I think it's absolutely perfect for Mila's sweet little toddler room.  Once we get her room back in order I'll post some photos of how it looks with the rest of her things.

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  1. That looks phenomenal! I love the brass/bronze handles against the mint - they really pop and look super pretty. Great colour choice! I'm jealous, I want one :)